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Deprecation Notice

The advanced search feature, as well as the Influence Explorer API are approaching end of life, and will be retired on December 31st, 2015. Please refer to our deprecation notice for more details.


Register for an API key at Sunlight Data Services. This key can be used to access all of the Sunlight Labs data APIs.

Federal Grants

End Point

JSON response format:


CSV response format:


Excel response format:



Full-text search on the reported name of the federal agency awarding the grant.

Total amount of the grant in US dollars in one of the following formats:

Example Description
500 exactly 500 dollars
>|500 greater than or equal to 500
<|500 less than or equal to 500

A general code for the type of grant awarded.

Code Meaning
02 Block grant
03 Formula grant
04 Project grant
05 Cooperative agreement
06 Direct payment, as a subsidy or other non-reimbursable direct financial aid
07 Direct loan
08 Guaranteed/insured loan
09 Insurance
10 Direct payment with unrestricted use
11 Other reimbursable, contingent, intangible or indirect financial assistance

The year in which the grant was awarded. A YYYY formatted year, 2000 - 2010.

Example Description
2006 2006
2006|2008 2006 OR 2008
Full-text search on the reported name of the grant recipient.
Two-letter abbreviation of the state in which the grant was awarded.

The type of entity that received the grant.

Code Meaning
00 State government
01 County government
02 City or township government
04 Special district government
05 Independent school district
06 State controlled institution of higher education
11 Indian tribe
12 Other nonprofit
20 Private higher education
21 individual
22 Profit organization
23 Small business
25 Other