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Deprecation Notice

The advanced search feature, as well as the Influence Explorer API are approaching end of life, and will be retired on December 31st, 2015. Please refer to our deprecation notice for more details.


Register for an API key at Sunlight Data Services. This key can be used to access all of the Sunlight Labs data APIs.

Contribution Aggregates API

Search Methods

Search by Name

Search for entities--that is, politicians, individuals, or organizations--with the given name. Returns basic information about the the contributions to and from each entity, as well as an ID that can be used in other API methods to retrieve more information.

Note that name searches will by default return matches from all entity types. If you are searching for entities of a particular type, politicians, for example, we recommend that you use the type parameter to limit your search results.

End Point


The query string. Spaces should be URL-encoded or represented as +. There are no logic operators or grouping.
The entity type to search for. Can include "politician", "organization", "individual", or "industry".


            [{"name": "Nancy Pelosi for Congress",
              "type": "organization",
              "total_received": "0",
              "count_received": 0,
              "total_given": "8625826.00",
              "count_given": 1319,
              "id": "8b2fed0a4a7e47e98147cdc2b335e614"},
             {"name": "Nancy Pelosi (D)",
              "type": "politician",
              "total_received": "11749535.00",
              "count_received": 9320,
              "total_given": "0",
              "count_given": 0,
              "id": "85ab2e74589a414495d18cc7a9233981"}]

ID Lookup

Look up the entity ID based on an ID from a different data set. Currently we provide a mapping from the ID schemes used by Center for Reponsive Politics (CRP) and the National Institute for Money in State Politics (NIMSP), as well as a few other datasets. The result is a JSON object listing the TransparencyData IDs matching the given external ID.

End Point



The dataset and data type of the ID. Currently allowed values are:

namespace Description
urn:crp:individual A CRP ID for an individual contributor or lobbyist. Begins with U or C.
urn:crp:organization A CRP ID for an organization. Begins with D.
urn:crp:recipient A CRP ID for a politician. Begins with N.
urn:crp:industry CRP's 3-letter category order.
urn:crp:subindustry CRP's 5-letter category code.
urn:crp:subindustry CRP's 5-letter category code.
urn:nimsp:organization A NIMSP ID for an organization. Integer-valued.
urn:nimsp:recipient A NIMSP ID for a politician. Integer-valued.
urn:nimsp:subindustry NIMSP's 5-letter category code.
urn:sunlight:lobbyist_registration_tracker_url URL of Sunlight's lobbyist registration tracker page

More namespaces may be added in the future as other ID schemes are reconciled with the TransparencyData dataset.

The ID of the entity in the given namespace.
The ID of a member of congress in the Congressional Bioguide. Use of this parameter is mutually exclusive to the 'id' and 'namespace' parameters.


            [{"id": "85ab2e74589a414495d18cc7a9233981"}]

Entity Overview

Return general information about a particular entity.

End Point

http://transparencydata.com/api/1.0/entities/<entity ID>.json

Return contribution totals for the given cycle. When not given, returns totals for all cycles.


            {"external_ids": [{"namespace": "urn:crp:recipient", "id": "N00007360"}],
             "contributions": {"contributor_amount": "0",
                               "contributor_count": 0,
                               "recipient_amount": "11749535.00",
                               "recipient_count": 9320},
             "name": "Nancy Pelosi (D)",
             "id": "85ab2e74589a414495d18cc7a9233981"}

Politician Methods

These methods return information about a particular politician, specified by entity ID.

Top Contributors

Return the top contributoring organizations, ranked by total dollars given. An organization's giving is broken down into money given directly (by the organization's PAC) versus money given by individuals employed by or associated with the organization.

End Point

http://transparencydata.com/api/1.0/aggregates/pol/<entity ID>/contributors.json



            [{"employee_amount": "54800.00",
              "total_amount": "87100.00",
              "total_count": 74,
              "name": "Akin, Gump et al",
              "direct_count": 16,
              "employee_count": 58,
              "id": "2c6f93b70b1d4e5eaa942ab9c83a21c0",
              "direct_amount": "32300.00"},
             {"employee_amount": "3500.00",
              "total_amount": "86000.00",
              "total_count": 29,
              "name": "American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees",
              "direct_count": 25,
              "employee_count": 4,
              "id": "dbc095a6bc9343f5a9867352a1a00dae",
              "direct_amount": "82500.00"},
             {"employee_amount": "0",
              "total_amount": "82000.00",
              "total_count": 31,
              "name": "United Auto Workers",
              "direct_count": 31,
              "employee_count": 0,
              "id": "1108378c9e4344cb9f86473b4d5621f1",
              "direct_amount": "82000.00"}]

Top Sectors

Return what each sector gave to the politician.

End Point

http://transparencydata.com/api/1.0/aggregates/pol/<entity ID>/contributors/sectors.json

The sectors are identified by a single-letter code, as coded by CRP. The sector codes are:

Code Description
A Agribusiness
B Communications/Electronics
C Construction
D Defense
E Energy/Natural Resources
F Finance/Insurance/Real Estate
H Health
K Lowyers and Lobbyists
M Transportation
N Misc. Business
Q Ideology/Single Issue
P Labor
W Other
Y Unknown
Z Adminstrative Use


            [{"sector": "F", "count": 1665, "amount": "2230822.00"},
             {"sector": "P", "count": 971, "amount": "2033800.00"},
             {"sector": "Q", "count": 1108, "amount": "1198013.00"},
             {"sector": "K", "count": 1207, "amount": "1161794.00"},
             {"sector": "H", "count": 692, "amount": "1058000.00"},
             {"sector": "N", "count": 761, "amount": "959437.00"},
             {"sector": "B", "count": 446, "amount": "685969.00"},
             {"sector": "Y", "count": 794, "amount": "587916.00"},
             {"sector": "W", "count": 546, "amount": "525825.00"},
             {"sector": "E", "count": 186, "amount": "237600.00"}]

Local Breakdown

Return a breakdown of how much of the money raised was from contributors in the politician's state versus outside the politician's state.

End Point

http://transparencydata.com/api/1.0/aggregates/pol/<entity ID>/contributors/local_breakdown.json



            {"in-state": [3852, "3672843.00"], "out-of-state": [5048, "7712269.00"]}

Contributor Type Breakdown

Return a breakdown of how much of the money raised was came from individuals versus organizations (PACs).

End Point

http://transparencydata.com/api/1.0/aggregates/pol/<entity ID>/contributors/type_breakdown.json



            {"Individuals": [5533, "5240057.00"], "PACs": [3367, "6145055.00"]}

Individual Methods

These methods return information about a particular individual, specified by entity ID.

Top Recipient Organizations

Return the top organizations to which this individual has given money.

End Point

http://transparencydata.com/api/1.0/aggregates/indiv/<entity ID>/recipient_orgs.json



            [{"count": 6, "recipient_entity": "", "amount": "83500.00", "recipient_name": "Republican National Cmte"},
             {"count": 7, "recipient_entity": "", "amount": "49250.00", "recipient_name": "National Republican Congressional Cmte"},
             {"count": 8, "recipient_entity": "a092ecc6cfcf4dfeb55cddbd45425afb", "amount": "36901.00", "recipient_name": "National Republican Senatorial Cmte"}]

Top Recipient Politicians

Return the top politicians to which this individual has given money.

End Point

http://transparencydata.com/api/1.0/aggregates/indiv/<entity ID>/recipient_pols.json



            [{"count": 16, "recipient_entity": "928936734d2a458ebcbbfefd0fceb0ff", "amount": "14850.00", "recipient_name": "Sam Johnson (R)"},
             {"count": 16, "recipient_entity": "5c8f2544e5ec42688cb684de7999f734", "amount": "13000.00", "recipient_name": "Joe Barton (R)"},
             {"count": 10, "recipient_entity": "233629a413cd4bd189440884f3ad3f03", "amount": "9250.00", "recipient_name": "Pete Sessions (R)"}]

Party Breakdown

Return how much this individual gave to each party.

End Point

http://transparencydata.com/api/1.0/aggregates/indiv/<entity ID>/recipients/party_breakdown.json



            {"R": [271, "253400.00"], "D": [24, "21300.00"]}

Organization Methods

These methods return information about an organization's giving. "Organization" is an intentionally vague designation covering corportations, PACs, unions, trade groups, and other groups.

Top Recipients

Return the top recipients of money from this organization.

End Point

http://transparencydata.com/api/1.0/aggregates/org/<entity ID>/recipients.json



            [{"employee_amount": "57658.00",
              "total_amount": "57658.00",
              "total_count": 57,
              "name": "Barack Obama (D)",
              "direct_count": 0,
              "employee_count": 57,
              "id": "4cc67d4c54214b858a4b72d97b3905ea",
              "direct_amount": "0"},
             {"employee_amount": "21400.00",
              "total_amount": "21400.00",
              "total_count": 24,
              "name": "Hillary Clinton (D)",
              "direct_count": 0,
              "employee_count": 24,
              "id": "48253d1b86f446c8b584f9d6a31450c1",
              "direct_amount": "0"},
             {"employee_amount": "17500.00",
              "total_amount": "17500.00",
              "total_count": 7,
              "name": "Harold E Ford Jr (D)",
              "direct_count": 0,
              "employee_count": 7,
              "id": "3b3c79d8f4264fd19999409bd97bd161",
              "direct_amount": "0"}]

Party Breakdown

Return the portion of giving that went to each party.

End Point

http://transparencydata.com/api/1.0/aggregates/org/<entity ID>/recipients/party_breakdown.json



                {"3": [1, "500.00"], "Republicans": [3, "1500.00"], "Democrats": [463, "391247.00"]}

State/Federal Breakdown

Return the portion of giving that went to state versus federal candidates.

End Point

http://transparencydata.com/api/1.0/aggregates/org/<entity ID>/recipients/level_breakdown.json



            {"Federal": [3789, "4832720.00"], "State": [154, "74659.96"]}