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Deprecation Notice

The advanced search feature, as well as the Influence Explorer API are approaching end of life, and will be retired on December 31st, 2015. Please refer to our deprecation notice for more details.


Register for an API key at Sunlight Data Services. This key can be used to access all of the Sunlight Labs data APIs.

Campaign Contributions

End Point

JSON response format:


CSV response format:


Excel response format:




The amount of the contribution in US dollars in one of the following formats:

Example Description
500 exactly 500 dollars
>|500 greater than or equal to 500
<|500 less than or equal to 500
Full-text search on name of individual, PAC, organization, or employer.
Two-letter abbreviation of state from which the contribution was made.

A YYYY formatted year, 1990 - 2010.

Example Description
2006 the 2006 cycle
2006|2008 2006 OR 2008 cycle

date of the contribution in ISO date format

Example Description
2006-08-06 exactly on August 6, 2006
><|2006-08-06|2006-09-12 between August 6, 2006 and September 12, 2006
DEPRECATED please use organization_ft

When organizations run ads against a candidate, they are counted as independent expenditures with the candidate as the recipient. This parameter can be used to filter contributions meant for the candidate and those meant to be against the candidate.

Options Description
for contributions made in support of the candidate
against contributions made against the candidate
full-text search on employer, organization, and parent organization
full-text search on name of PAC or candidate receiving the contribution
two-letter abbreviation of state in which the candidate receiving the contribution is running

type of office being sought

Options Description
federal:senate US Senate
federal:house US House of Representatives
federal:president US President
state:upper upper chamber of state legislature
state:lower lower chamber of state legislature
state:governor state governor

Multiple values must be separated by a pipe character.

Example Description
federal:senate only the US Senate
federal:senate|federal:house US Senate OR US House

filters on federal or state contributions

Options Description
urn:fec:transaction federal contributions
urn:nimsp:transaction state contributions


Contributions from the states of Maryland and Virginia to Barbara Mikulski during the 2008 campaign cycle as JSON:


Contributions from Alaskans to upper and lower state legislature candidates in 2002 as CSV: