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Cycle Overview, 2016 Cycle -- Connected pacs

Last update: Oct. 21, 2016 | 4:16 a.m.

All numbers are for the two-year cycle, from Jan. 1, 2015 through Dec. 31, 2016.

Fundraising by connected committee type

Group typeTotal ReceiptsContributions from other committeesItemized individual contributions ($200+)Unitemized individual contributions (<$200)
Corporation$352.5 million$513,773$248.2 million$96.8 million
Labor organization$287.2 million$873,908$41.4 million$227.8 million
Member Organization$167.2 million$7.0 million$79.8 million$58.9 million
Cooperative$6.9 million$6,500$5.5 million$970505
Trade Association$141.2 million$6.6 million$97.8 million$26.8 million
Corporation without capital stock$13.9 million$23,801$9.4 million$3.6 million

Spending by connected committee type

Group typeTotal DisbursementsOperating ExpendituresContributions to candidates or committees
Corporation$340.7 million$4.7 million$268.6 million
Labor organization$255.4 million$30.8 million$85.5 million
Member Organization$147.6 million$50.0 million$75.2 million
Cooperative$6.2 million$63,824$5.6 million
Trade Association$128.8 million$5.4 million$108.4 million
Corporation without capital stock$13.1 million$172,113$10.7 million

This page shows only "regular" PACs -- those of type Q "qualified" or N "nonqualified" that claim to be "connected" to another organization. FEC allows PACs to characterize these related organizations as a 'Corporation', 'Labor Organization', 'Member Organization', 'Cooperative', 'Trade Association' or 'corporation without capital stock'. The coding of a related organization is left up to the PAC submitting paperwork to FEC--not all filers complete this correctly. No effort has been made to correct or fix these entries.