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Richard G Lugar

Office Held:
US Senate, IN
Office Sought:
US Senate, IN
LUGAR, Richard Green, a Senator from Indiana; born in Indianapolis, Marion County, Ind., April 4, 1932; attended the public schools of Indianapolis; graduated, Denison University, Granville, Ohio 1954; attended Pembroke College, Oxford, England, as a Rhodes Scholar and received a graduate degree in 1956; businessman, involved in the manufacturing of food production equipment, livestock and grain operations; United States Navy 1957-1960; member, Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners 1964-1967; mayor, Indianapolis 1968-1975; unsuccessful Republican candidate for the United States Senate in 1974; elected as a Republican to the United States Senate in 1976 and reelected in 1982, 1988, 1994, 2000, and again in 2006 for the term ending January 3, 2013; chair, Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee (Ninety-eighth Congress), Committee on Foreign Relations (Ninety-ninth Congress, One Hundred Eighth and One Hundred Ninth Congresses), Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry (One Hundred Fourth through One Hundred Sixth Congresses, One Hundred Seventh Congress [January 20-June 6, 2001]).

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Campaign Finance

$4,021,662 Received

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    Total Raised:
    $4,021,662 #27 of 236 Senate candidates
    Total Spent:
    $7,097,395 #90 of 236 Senate candidates
    Cash on Hand:
    $110,201 #4 of 236 Senate candidates
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    Committee Name Support/Oppose Total Spending
    Club for Growth
    Club For Growth Action
    Freedomworks For America
    Yg Network Inc.
    National Rifle Assn
    Citizens United
    Majority PAC
    Western Representation PAC
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  • Recent and upcoming fundraisers

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    Date Event
    March 27, 2012
    Breakfast at The Home of John and Denise Bode
    Hosted by:
    John Bode, McDonalds's PAC
    March 20, 2012
    Reception and dinner at Charlie Palmer Steak
    March 19, 2012
    Reception at Runde Home
    Hosted by:
    Porter Delaney, Daniel Runde, Kate Maloney, Dick McCall, Peter McPherson, Andrew Natsios, Nilmini Rubin, Asif Shaikh, Connie Veillette
    March 7, 2012
    Barnyard Lunch at National Pork Producers Council
    Hosted by:
    National Pork Producers Council PAC, National Cattlemen's Beef Association PAC, National Chicken Council PAC, National Turkey Federation PAC
    Feb. 29, 2012
    Breakfast at
    Hosted by:
    Andy Ehrlich, Nancy Johnson, Howard Baker, Jan Powell, Keith Kennedy, Sheila Burke, Mark Van de Water, David Gogol, Charlie Richardson, David Zook
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