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Individuals featured on Influence Explorer are either state or federal politicians, lobbyists or people who have given enough money that they are deemed very influential to the political process.

Some of this data may be out of date

State influence data from the National Institute on Money in State Politics changed in format and availability during the 2013-2014 election cycle. While we work to integrate their new style of data release, state-level campaign finance data for the 2014 cycle and beyond will be unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience, but heartily recommend trying out their snazzy new site at FollowTheMoney.org!

Campaign Finance

$3,322,250,682 GIVEN

The charts below display individual contributions to federal and state races. For federal races, only political contributions over $200 are included in these totals. This is because the Federal Election Commission only requires campaigns to itemize contributions that are more than $200. For state races, the threshhold for itemizing each contribution varies by state.

For more information, see our Campaign Finance Methodology page.

federal data covers from 1989 roughly through Q2 2014
state-level data is not available in bulk for 2014. for current state data, browse http://followthemoney.org/

Contributions to Parties from Individuals

This chart shows all contributions from individuals to federal and state races broken out by how the contributions were distributed between the two major political parties. The total contributions to both federal and state races from individuals between 1992 and 2014 was $1.3 billion. Clicking on the pieces of the pie will reveal who gave the most to each party over the years

Contributions to Committees and Politicians' Campaigns from Individuals

These charts show how giving from individuals breaks down by recipient type, specifically politicians and committees (including super PACs). The bar chart shows the top ten individuals that give to politicians and committees. The interactive pie chart can be used to toggle between recipient type on the bar chart.

Contributions in State and Federal Races from Individuals

This chart shows how all contributions from individuals were divided between federal and state races. Click on the pieces of the pie to see who gave the most to state and federal races.

Contributions to In-State and Out-Of-State Candidates from Individuals

This chart shows how contributors distribute their money around the country. It's generally expected that people will contribute money to politicians in their homes states and districts. However, some people do give to campaigns and candidates who are not running to represent the places they live.